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Servo Voltage Stabilizers

  • Voltage stabilizers are an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. They are designed to current a wide range of Input Fluctuations to maintain specified output voltage. The output voltage waveform is completely distortion free and the regulation is unaffected by the load power factor. We manufacture both, Rolling contact type voltage controllers as well as Dimmer / Variac type Servo Voltage Stabilizers. We make Servo Voltage Stabilizer is an elegantly designed, high quality product incorporating state of the art technology and the best available raw material to deliver accurate voltage under conditions of low, high or unbalanced voltage. They can also provide protection in situation of Single Phasing, High / Low Voltage, Over Loading and Short circuiting. Apart from the standard product, these can also be custom built to suit specific requirements.
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Technical Specification

Ratings Up-to 5000 kVA
Voltage Class 3.3 , 6.6 , 11 kV Class (Other as Required)
Applicable Standards IS 11171, IEC60726
Cooling AN - Air Natural, AF – Air Forced
Service Indoor, IP 23 (Other as Required)
Frequency 50 Hz , 60 Hz
Vector Group Dyn5 / Dyn11 (Other as Required)
Winding material Copper / Aluminium
Taping range Off circuit or On load Tap Changers as per customer spec.
Impedance In line with applicable standards.