Transformers On Rent

Transformers On Rent

We provide the unitized packaged substation/ Transformer on hire to cater the requirements of HT Power step up Transformer whether it is in 3.3kV, 6.6kV ,11kV up to 33kV,each Transformer designed in such a way that can suitable for variable voltage demands also. it comes along with HT, LT Panels with NGR & NIS panels inbuilt into it which reduces the much more installation time at site. Once the Transformers are unloaded except for connecting cables, no other activities are required to be done.
Being containerized HV system on rentalyou do not require much foundation at site & it is fully plug n Play type of system which requires lead time to deliver & start very minimal& also it has been designed to comply the guidelines led down by Central Electrical Authority (CEA) & all other electrical standards.
We have customized our Transformers for rental such as required for constant mobility involving frequent shifting from place to place. This offers a high flexibility of providing power supply points without much difficulty anytime & anywhere. Our Packaged Transformer on rent are also compatible for grid synchronization wherever client require sour Power system to be connected & operated in synchronization with other Power source whether it CPP (Captive Power Plant) or IPP (independent Power Producer) or anystate electrical grid etc.

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