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Power Transformers

  • A Power Transformer is used in transmission network of higher voltages for step up and step down applications. We have developed a comprehensive range of Power and Extra High Voltage Transformers. These products are engineered to perfection and are developed using qualitative raw material and advanced manufacturing facilities and techniques.
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Technical Specification

Ratings Upto 50 MVA (50, 000 kVA)
Voltage Class 33 , 66 , 100 , 110 , 132 kV (Other as Required)
Applicable Standards IS2026 , IEC 60076, ANSI IEEE
Cooling ONAN, ONAF - Oil Natural Air Forced (Other as required)
Service Outdoor / Indoor
Frequency 50Hz ,60 Hz
Vector Group Dyn5 / Dyn11 / YNyn0 (Other as required)
Winding material Copper with Multi paper covering
Taping range Off circuit & On load Tap Changers as per customer spec.
Impedance In line with applicable standards.